Thursday, November 18, 2010

In the dog house. Part 2

Part 1

Macey has been throwing a lot of fits lately. And tending to be lax about listening to me. Both girls, in fact, are a little too casual about blowing me off the first time I tell them to do something. When Craig tells them, they tend to listen a bit better, mostly because he'll put them in time out or give them a butt swat faster than I will.

This weekend Craig was out of town all day on Saturday, and I had to work in the morning. After I was home and the babysitter left, the plan was for my friend Meghan to come over with her son and we'd all go see a movie - Megamind. The girls knew they were coming over, and they were getting a bit rambunctious. I told them multiple times that they needed to settle down, eat lunch, and behave.

Macey had already had a fit about something, and truthfully she is much too old to be stomping around crying at the top of her lungs. She had stopped all this last year, but somehow it's crept back in to her repertoire. And Lily had already stomped her foot at me once and sassed me, so I gave the girls a warning, saying that I didn't like their behavior and they had better straighten up or we'd call off the movie.

Okay, okay, they said. We'll be good.

Three minutes later, Macey jumped on her sister who was lying on the couch. Lily yelled "Get off me, Macey!" and Macey just laughed. I said "Macey! Get off of your sister!" She did not. I yanked her off of Lily and said "Okay Macey, you just lost TV."


Macey had a huge tantrum. I said "Oh, you're going to throw a fit? You want to lose the computer too?"

"Nooo!", she screamed, throwing herself on the floor, kicking her feet. Yeah, it was one of THOSE kind of tantrums.

At that point I reached critical mass. I had been up very early for work, and I was sick of her crap.

"Fine. That's it. No movie"

That's when Macey lost her little five-year-old mind.

To be continued...


Rebecca said...

Oh, the suspense! :)

achieve1dream said...

It's stuff like this that confirms in my mind that I do NOT want kids. Regardless I can't wait to read how the story plays out.

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