Sunday, August 01, 2010


It seems I'm out of the woods.

I somehow dodged a bullet and Macey only puked while Craig was home. She complained that her stomach hurt and didn't eat much for two days, but kept down what little she did eat. Lily never had any symptoms, but I was still worried that she'd spike a fever and get the throw ups.

Craig has been gone since Thursday afternoon but is coming back this evening. It's been stressful for me and I haven't slept very soundly because every noise at night made me think one of the girls was up getting sick. I'm just not confidant that I'd handle a puking situation very well on my own. My paranoia is really ridiculous, and I hope that I can be rid of it eventually.

My plan had been to ride Thursday and Friday, but with Macey sick that went out the window. Now I'll have to wait until tomorrow, since Craig will get home too late for me to get out there today. The footing in the arena is likely to be totally dried out so I'll have to water on Monday. That means lunging and no riding which is a bummer. Ah well, I'll do what I can. It will be great to see my boys!

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