Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fearing the worst

Well, I was afraid this would happen. Kaswyn is lame again.

He's not like three legged lame, but he's certainly off. Not a lot, but enough that I can see it. I recently took him off of the isoxuprine, and he just doesn't look right on that left front leg. That's the foot with the navicular changes.

Here is the deal. Kaswyn pulled his lateral collateral ligament in that foot as well as had those naviclar changes. Dr. G said that if he stayed sound after the healing period for the ligament, then we probably solved the problem. However, if he went off again it was probably due to the navicular changes.

Kaswyn has had a neurectomy (he's been nerved) in that foot. So you'd think that he wouldn't be able to feel it at all, right? Not true. Deep pain is not eliminated with the neurectomy, and the advancing navicular changes could now be causing deep enough pain that he can feel it.

How about just repeating the neurectomy? Maybe not such a good idea, says Dr. G. Last time we spoke he said he's not sure he'd feel comfortable repeating the surgery. I've looked for published studies involving repeated neurectomies and I've not been able to find an entire study devoted to this.

I need to get Kaswyn back to the vet. He needs to have his shoes reset first, so I'm waiting on my blacksmith to call me back. I'm really afraid that it's the navicular that is causing him pain, and that Dr. G won't recommend repeating the surgery. That would mean that my horse would live with his foot constantly in pain. Do I want that for him? Even thinking about it makes me cry.

So now I need to organize appointments and arrange transportation to the vet for Kaswyn. And worry about what Dr. G will have to say.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to read about Kas. I know what it is to deal with persistent lameness from the squid. He was on isoxoprine (sp?) and bute for several of his last years with relief and no damage.

Stacey Kimmel-Smith said...

Oh Sheri, I hope that it turns out to be something not-serious. How long has he been off? When was the neurectomy.

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear about Kaswyn. I had a mare with navicular disease and I remember all to well being left with not many good choices. Hopefully your vet finds some other reasoning for the pain or possibly some new treatment. Good Luck!

Michelle said...

Oh, this post makes me so sad. Hopefully, the vet will be able to give you some good news. Poor boy!

Val said...

Before repeat surgery and recovery, have you considered performance barefoot hoofcare?


Navicular is a treatable condition with a knowledgeable trimmer. There many examples and information at the link posted above. I know of one horse, personally, whose navicular changes were successfully treated by going barefoot.

Jen said...

Oh Sheri I am so sorry to hear that! I don't really know what to comment other than I'll say a prayer for you both. Virtual hug? :o/

Absorbine said...

So sorry to hear this! Stay positive and things will work out for the best.

Minus Pride said...

so sorry to hear this, I really hope the shoeing makes a world of difference. Best of luck and you & Kaswyn will be in my prayers!

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thank you

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