Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well people, I did some stupid things when this contest ended.

First I cried and cried when I lost. That's just ridiculous. It's just a contest, it's not like something tragic happened to me or someone I know. Totally overdramatic.

Then, because my emotions were at an all time high, I said things that I never would have said, and never should have said. I got involved in a dialogue that I never should have started, and helped it escalate. I said hurtful things.

So, I was a jerk. I should have just lost this contest with grace and dignity but I was unable.

I'm done with talking about this now. I've done enough damage and by God, I'm finally going to keep my damn mouth shut.

That's it. I'll delete nasty comments, FYI. Usually I don't delete any comment except spam (because I really don't need penis enlarging pills) but this time I think I might deserve 'em.


JJ said...

We all have meltdown moments. This was something that was very important to you, so it's understandable. Don't beat yourself up too bad. You realize that you were wrong, and that's a good thing ;)!

hls said...

I have followed the comments that arose around this contest, and unless comments you made were deleted or not made visible to readers, I see no cause for this public apology.

Of course you cried when you found out you didn't win! You put a lot of effort into your blogging. The Great Eight series was no small effort. Both you and Nina wrote posts that were based on reporting of facts and ideas that were not just your own, and as you know, reporting takes time. Anyone can spout off an opinion, but making a phone call, taking a drive to meet a contact in person, and doing more than speculating or asking empty rhetorical questions is hard work.

For that reason, the two of you were the stand-out candidates in the contest. Unfortunately, the contest wasn't about ability. It was about popularity and leveraging that popularity. I take comfort in the fact that Nina did advance to the winner's circle. At least there will be one reporter on the ground at WEG. I wish you were going to be there too, but you did a wonderful job in the contest.

For the record: I didn't know about your blog or you until Stacey at Behind the Bit started promoting you. I'll admit, I'm suspicious of ringing endorsements like that, so you won me over solely on the strength of your writing and reporting. It was just that good.

Stacey Kimmel-Smith said...


I had a similar meltdown when I didn't get to the semi-finals, in my office at work, over lunch. Not being selected made me feel old and dumb, in a nutshell.

Nothing I saw that you posted looked anything like what you describe. As for anything you may have done that you regret -- my grandmother used to say, "We should all have perfect wisdom." Well, none of us do.

Take care.

Marnie K said...

Sherri, you invested a TON of time and energy into this project. You shared your heart and soul with everyone out there. It's natural to be very upset.

**hugs from Minnesota**

achieve1dream said...

Don't beat yourself up. You've admitted you were wrong and apologized. There is nothing else you can do because the past is the past. None of us are perfect and in fact it's one of my pet peeves that some people and especially some companies want to hold all of us to some perfect standard that is impossible to reach.

I voted for you everyday and was rooting for you all the way, but as someone else said popularity won out. I was very disappointed to see who one of the finalists is because she comes across very biased and close minded in her blog, not to mention down right trashes any other opinion to disagrees with. Wish it could have been you! You were great! Hugs!

Rising Rainbow said...

Looking at all the work you put into this made me appreciate the fact I didn't make the top four. There's no way I'd have kept up with you and to be honest, I didn't want it bad enough to work that hard.

You did a great job and I totally understand you being upset you didn't win. AND I think you're entitled to believe you are the best choice even if you didn't get the votes.

I must admit that only after the fact did I think of things that might have helped garner the extra kind of votes for that push at the end that others got. Wish I'd thought of them sooner so they could have been employed in your behalf because I still firmly believe that you deserve to go.

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