Friday, September 25, 2009

SHN 2009 - Friday

Today wasn't that great of a day. Well I didn't get bucked off or anything, so it was better than it could have been!

I rode Albert in his First level Open class. I was pleased with most of the trot work but wasn't happy with the canter work. I sort of froze up and was unable to refocus Albert when he got distracted by some trucks at the end of the arena. I just sort of steered him around like a bus. And this rattled me so much that I forgot what I was supposed to do in my test. Luckily I went the right way, but I went from the canter to the trot in the wrong place. This earned me an error and minus two points from each judge. I just didn't get the job done that needed doing. I am very disappointed in me.

We got a score of 63.9% and were 12th out of 53 horses. *sigh* Again, so very close to Top Ten. We could have done so much better. I need to get my act together!

Tomorrow there are 20 horses in Albert's First Level Amateur to ride class. It's my last chance to achieve what I came out here to do.

Also tomorrow my trainer will be riding Skyy in his Training Level Open class. She schooled him today and he went very nicely for her. I hope he is good for her and she can bring home an award for him. Right now I'm sore and tired, so it's off to bed soonish. Once more show day to go!

SHN 2009 - Saturday

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Stephanie Mills Photography said...

Congratulations on placing so high despite the error! I hope that your next test went better. I think 12th our of 53 is really good. I hope you have a lot of pictures to post once you get back home!

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