Friday, September 18, 2009

Prep time

I had two great lessons on Thursday night. There was a little warm-up, then running though the tests.

We are ready. Both horses felt great.

Today I finished clipping them both (ears too!) and rode Kaswyn. I'm so thrilled that Kaswyn has been sound. He's getting his spark back and feeling more fit with each passing week. Oh, and I also fixed the arena drag so I could drag the arena.

Tomorrow I will have my last ride on each pony before we head down to Lexington on Monday. All of my grooming stuff and show clothes are packed, so I just have to get my regular clothes together. Since I have so much done already I feel excited but not stressed about how much still has to be done because I can easily get it done Sunday evening.

Just a few days left! I'll be sad heading down there without Kaswyn, but he wouldn't have been ready. I have two years to prepare. He'll be back out there.

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