Monday, May 18, 2009


Skyy's owner sent me an email telling me that he needs three scores, not two scores, to qualify for Nationals. ACK. I'm only showing him in three classes in two weeks, so I need to make every class count or I will have to take him to another show. I need three scores of 62% or better. Yikes! There is a show in July that I can probably go to, but I don't think I'll take Kaswyn. Albert probably won't go either, so I'd be able to show Skyy in more than one class a day. If he needs to go, that is. Good thing Albert is going to this show in two weeks because it turns out he needs two scores also. Somehow I got it into my head that he was already qualified.

Thankfully all three boys are doing really well, and I'm having another lesson night this evening. I don't know how many horses I will get to, but I hope to be able to ride them all. It just depends on how much time my trainer has. I'm starting to feel very pressured to get Skyy ready for this show. Albert is totally ready, and Kaswyn is my horse so I don't have an obligation to anyone but myself. But Skyy still needs work!

I think I'll go double check those qualification requirements again. And maybe print them out this time!

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Katee said...

I want lessons! I'm so jealous. The one trainer who comes to my barn is not good. It's not "her barn," but she treats it like it is and I worry about finding someone who would be willing to put up with her crap and give me lessons. Sigh. I'm really jealous of your progress! Keep writing about it, though, so I can live vicariously through you, ok??

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