Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Kaswyn took a funny step yesterday when I was warming him up and now he's off. He had felt sore on Saturday so I had Susan give him one gram of bute twice a day and he had two days off. Then yesterday he took a bad step behind and then was really off. I wouldn't call it lame, but certainly not as good as he should be. He got another gram of bute. Then I started making phone calls.

Dr. B is booked until next Tuesday, as was Dr. G. However, I called Dr. G's office this morning to check for cancellation and he has a 4:30 today. That means I have to borrow Susan's truck and take the trailer over there myself. Susan would do it but she's working. Luckily the truck is all hitched up (she and Albert had a parade on Memorial day) and I know where the keys are. But Susan has put the fear of God in me because the trailer is long and wide and she's afraid I'll have problems hauling it. It's a three horse slant load bumper pull so it's been awhile since I've hauled something that big. But it's not a far trip.

This is not what I need right now. All I can think is that he pulled his suspensory.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I hope he will be okay. Just go slow with the trailer and you'll be fine.

Stephanie said...

I hope the vets trip turns out OK. And don't worry about the driving, slow and easy will get it done!

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