Wednesday, January 07, 2009



Well, I can't guarantee the quality of this post. The simple fact is, I drank a little bit of bourbon this evening. Perhaps it was more than a little bit. Anyhow, I'm now drinking water like crazy in a vain attempt to avoid a killer hangover tomorrow. Considering I have to work and all, not being useless would be a good thing. However I'm still just a bit too alchololated to go to bed, and so this is what you get. Feeling lucky? :)

Okay, so today I went to the barn and worked Albert. Stuck him on the lunge line for 10 minutes and since the horses didn't get out today (too much ice around here) he ran around like a fool and got all sweaty under his nice thick coat. So he got stuck in his stall with a cooler and Kaswyn got the lunge line as well. You didn't think I was actually going to sit in a saddle yet, did you?

Kaswyn was only sort of interested in working, which is fine since I would like the chiropractor to see him before we go back to work anyway. I still don't have a date that he's coming out, which frustrates me to no end. I still think I can feel a vertebrae out of place about halfway down Kaswyn's back. Makes be nervous about really working him or riding him and I think his back end looks odd.

I can't think of anything else to add, except God bless and have a good night.


Tracey said...

Maybe the back end looking odd has something to do with the bourbon? :>

redkcolumbus said...

LOL. I'm sorry I wasn't there to be "alcoholated" with you. We need to do that sometime soon.

dressagemom said...


Ha! I'd say yes for sure on that except I didn't start drinking until I got home from the barn. Or maybe the bourbon would have made him look like a rock star! Who knows...


We certainly must alcoholate ourselves sooner rather than later. As you will see on my email, I wrote something else besides a drunken blog post. :)

operationmorgan said...

Pic of Albert someday? Glad to hear you are on the mend enough to enjoy some spirits!
Operation Morgan

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