Saturday, January 03, 2009

Improvement, at last

The past two days have been much better for me pain wise. I actually think things are healing down there, and I'm able to get up and around a little bit more. In fact this morning Craig let me sleep in, then when I got up he went back to bed for three hours. I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and fed the girls lunch without being in intense pain. Now that's progress!

Tomorrow I want to go to the barn. I know this will be met with some opposition from Craig, but if I'm planning to go back to work on Monday I need to get myself up and around again. I'm still a little weak, having lost ten pounds during this whole thing, so I have to get moving and get my strength back. I'm not going to ride tomorrow, but I want to get both horses out, groomed, and maybe lunged to see what's been going on with them for two weeks. It's hard to really tell how they are from Susan's reports. She's been busy with work and has had to clean all the stalls since I've been out because the other stall cleaner took vacation. I imagine she didn't get either one of them worked as much as I'd asked her to. Well, I didn't want Kaswyn worked anyway since the chiropractor hasn't been out yet, but I really wanted Albert occupied.

I'm guessing that both horses will probably be filthy, and the arena will be a wreck with hay and poop everywhere. At least I have a brand new bottle of Miracle Groom!


Katie said...

Miracle Groom! Thats the stuff! Its good to hear your up and about! Sending healing thoughts all the way from NZ!

haffiegirl said...

Yeah for improvement!

I know when I've had surgery (little stuff like tonsillectomy) and lost a bunch of weight, it took me awhile to feel good again after the pain finally went away. I guess healing takes a lot out of your body. Hopefully things get a lot better soon for you.

I'm glad you're on the road to feeling good again. I'm sure you can't wait to see Kaswyn.

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