Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally, a ride

Last night I went out and actually rode my pony. I decided that I wanted to hop on and just walk him around because Dr. B said it would be better to make sure he did some light work to keep his joints from getting stiff in this freezing cold weather. Besides that, I really needed to get on him after four weeks of constant pain and obnoxious drug side effects. When I got to the barn and my horse was in the arena, and they were about to feed dinner. I didn't let him go in his stall, but just threw his bareback pad on him and hopped on him in a halter.

I have to say that he felt pretty good. He seemed to have plenty of energy, and I even asked him to trot a little. He was more than willing and had lots of go. I mostly walked, and I was only on him for ten minutes, but it was a glorious ten minutes of being able to connect with my boy again. On another happy note, my butt felt fine! No pain for the most part, although the posting trot was surprisingly more uncomfortable than the sitting trot. Since I was using a poofy bareback pad there was lots of padding, so it was a pretty enjoyable experience compared to what it could have been.

As far as Kaswyn goes, it's hard to say why he felt happy and energized. It could have been because he knew every other horse was eating, and that his food was waiting for him in his stall. It could also have been because I was actually riding him and he was excited to have me on his back after four weeks. Or it could have been because he really did feel better with the addition of the alfalfa cubes.

Oh, and I'm going to add corn oil to his feedings, on the suggestion of BrigJones. I had been using it with his herbal lameness supplement, but when I stopped giving him the supplement I also stopped the corn oil. So every night I get out there I'm going to give him a another small serving of alfalfa cubes with a healthy glug of corn oil. I figure he'll get a two for one deal with the corn oil - more calories and some intestinal lubrication to boot.

So, Mr. K, why were ya feelin so good yesterday? Here's hoping it's the food!


Horseypants said...

That's great! I read your last post a little while ago and just came back to comment. Thought maybe the big down-swing in temperature could also be sapping his energy. Glad you were able to get on him. It always feels awesome to get back on your horse.

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad to hear that you got to ride.....also that you did so without any repurcussions. I wish I could say the same, but it's not going to stop me. I can't take anymore of the withdrawal symptoms from the loss of my horse fix.

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