Saturday, November 22, 2008

This is what expensive looks like

This is one multi dose vial of Legend. It has 20 ml of fluid, and at 4 ml per does it contains 5 doses. And costs $350.

"Liquid Gold"

Kaswyn is due for another shot of Legend on Thanksgiving. I'll certainly keep up with the shots, especially since I'm seriously making plans to show next year.

In related news, I rode Kaswyn today for the first time since his hock injections. He felt a little stiff all over, but I'm not surprised considering he has been confined to his stall since Tuesday except for hand walking. Today was just walk and a little trot, and tomorrow we'll canter. Here's hoping for a sound pony.


uptown.girl said...

I feel your pain. At one point, when I was showing, my leased horse was getting Legends twice a week and his hocks done every three months. He was used really hard as a younger horse, so when I had him, it took a lot to maintain him.

Those shots, injections, etc really add up after awhile. My parents are still paying for him and I don't even have him anymore!

It's great that you're taking so many steps to keep Kaswyn (which is a beautiful name btw) sound and comfortable and happy. He's a really gorgeous horse! I've enjoyed your blog so much. Very cool to see someone taking such amazing care of a talented athlete. :) I hope all the effort pays off and you get to show again!

dp said...

Eek! I thought that the Excenel we've been pumping into Raven (hock infection) was expensive. Hope it all works out for you.

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