Friday, November 21, 2008

The Surgery. Part 5 - The Ablation

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Dr. OB and I talked about my options. Any birth control method with hormones – an IUD, cervical ring, inplant, etc – would make me feel crappy and I didn’t want to live that way. He said if I was sure that I was done having kids that he could do a uterine ablation. It’s a procedure where they cycle very hot water through your uterus for about 11 minutes and that destroys the lining (the endometrium) of your uterus. Most patients never have a period again, and most of the rest have very light periods. In a very small percentage of patients the ablation does not work at all. He said there was no way to predict if it would work for me or not, but chances were good that it would. But I had to be SURE that I didn’t want kids, because it’s permanent and if it’s completely successful then there is no endometrium for the baby to grow on.

At the same time he would place inserts into my fallopian tubes that would develop scar tissue over the next six months and block my tubes. This would be a precautionary measure because you can still get pregnant after a uterine ablation, but it's a really bad idea. So between the ablation and tubal inserts I'd be done having children.

This was a really hard decision for me. I would really like one more child, but I'm old and we can't really afford it. I guess it's not so much a decision but a coming to terms that I won't be having another baby. I loved being pregnant, having the babies, and taking care of them afterwards. Sure, the breastfeeding was a hassle, and I really like being able to sleep through the night now (well, mostly - sometimes the kids still get up!), but I will really miss those times.

Finally I decided that I needed to let the baby thing go and get this surgery. It would be done under heavy sedation, which means they'd just let me sleep and wouldn't have to intubate me or put me on a breathing machine. It would be outpatient so I could go home that day. All that was left to do was schedule the surgery. Or was that all?

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janice said...

I had the coils put in my fallopian tubes about 18 months ago, as I was sure (with 3) that I didn't want any more kids. In spite of the gestational diabetes, I actually did enjoy being pregnant. With my youngest at 3 we're just now getting used to (sometimes) sleeping through the night with no interruptions. I hope all goes well with you, I know it's not an easy decision.

Gina said...

My mom had one of those a while back - the ablation. She still has very light periods, but they only last one or two days, which she is completely thrilled with! She had the same issues as you did with the heavy bleeding. She developed it later, though - I was about ten years old when she had the process done.

Good luck!

Zuriel944 said...

My sister started having major problems after the twins were born. She developed polyps and other uteral horrors. They did an ablation and they came back (so did a heavy period). They did ANOTHER ablation. They came back. Mid October she had a partial hysterectomy. She had no intention of having more kids (had her tubes tied when she had the twins). She's fine now and the lucky bum will never get her period again. Yeah, she's 37.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

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