Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Paging Dr. Macey

Last night I got a call from the alarm system at work. All of the incubators that house the fresh embryos and the tanks that hold the frozen embryos are hooked up to an alarm system that calls the lab personnel if the temperatures or gas levels are above or below normal. With the incubators it's an emergency situation because fluctuations in temperature or gas levels can kill the embryos quite rapidly. So when the incubators are in alarm it doesn't matter if it's 3:00 in the morning - someone has got to go in and investigate.

As far as the frozen storage tanks, they have never had a problem, but the alarms go off all the time. This is because the alarm lids are very touchy and if the power supply cord is not plugged in just right, or gets jiggled a bit, the alarm goes off. But it never goes off when we're all here. It always waits until we are all at home before going into alarm mode. A certain pain in the ass.

When the alarm went off last night we had already planned on being out that way because Lily had a doctor's appointment. We decided that I'd take Macey with me to the lab to go check on the tanks and Craig would take Lily a bit later (she was sleeping on the couch with a fever).

So Macey and I headed off to the lab. The lab is a sterile area so we have to wear special clothes, a surgical hat, mask, and shoe covers. The tanks are in a separate room from the incubators, so I figured it was okay for me to bring her in with me. I got her all dressed up, and she looked absolutely adorable.

She didn't want to take it all off, so she wore it in the doctor's office too. Someone asked who she was and she said "A doctor!" And if she wants to really be a doctor that's fine with me!


Rising Rainbow said...

That is just too precious. I have to say I have never seen sterile clothing look quite so cute!

Echo said...

That's the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo!! She looks like she's having fun (even if all you can see are her little eyes and hands) :)

I think it's hysterical that a scrub top fits her like a dress. Majorly cute!!


Anonymous said...

That would make a great halloween costume. Maybe her sister could go as a microbe?


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