Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lessons learned

Last night I sat down and wrote a post about a situation involving people that I know. I got an email from one of those people asking not to be included in the post. I immediately deleted the post, giving my apologies.

I felt bad about this, so I called Craig and we talked about it. He said that I'm faced with the dilemma that many personal bloggers face - how much and what to reveal about your life. He said that he doesn't write posts that might get back to people and hurt them. He says he has plenty things like that to write about, but he wouldn't want to make someone feel bad.

He had a point. I started thinking about all the things that I've written about. My stories about Blair disappearing, how I pissed Blair off (in two different stories), and the latest story about my first dressage trainer, all involve people that I know. They also involve people who could be hurt by what I had to say. I mentioned this to Craig, and he said said "Well, you've already published them. You can't take the pee out of the pool, so to speak."

Another good point. It's too late now for those stories, but there is something I can do about not peeing in the pool in the future. I don't have any intention of hurting anyone. I just like to tell stories, as anyone who knows me can confirm.

Here is the thing. If I write about people I know and I post the stories here, then I risk the information getting back to them and having those people be hurt or pissed. However, I know that there are plenty of people out there who don't know me personally and also don't know anyone that I'm talking about. Does it matter that these people hear my stories? I don't think it does, but as we've seen I've been grossly incorrect before.

Here is my solution. No more public posts about people, since I'm not in the business of purposely hurting folks. However, if you send me an email to dressagemomstories at yahoo dot com I'll send you the end of The Breakup story. Include your blog address, cause I know who reads my blog and I want to make sure I know who you are before I send you the story. If you know me personally, or know any of the people involved in the story, don't even ask, cause I won't send it to you. Z, this means you!

So, to anyone that I've hurt, or upset, please accept my apologies. Sometimes I do dumb things. I try not to do them twice.


Unknown said...

I have emailed you as would love to hear the rest of The Story! From the point of view of the person who does not know you or people involved I would like to say that nothing you wrote made me feel or think negatively about anybody included in your posts.
In contrary, I think you are a true story-telling talent whose writing make me click on the site every evening hoping to find more to read.

Rising Rainbow said...

I agree with wiloa on all counts.

Wandermousie said...

delurking to say thanks for the stories we have been enjoyed!

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