Friday, December 14, 2007

Clarifications and Conclusions

I think many people have the wrong idea when it comes to my deleted post. I did not delete the next installment of The Breakup. I had written a post about a completely different situation.

Besides being asked to remove someone from the Deleted Post, after thinking about this (quite a lot over the last few days) I've concluded that Deleted Post was not my story to tell. For example, if I had written about my crazy cousin who was addicted to crack and was sent to jail for stealing a car for drug money, that is not my story to tell. It's my crazy cousins. Now, if she had stolen my car, then it involves me, it's a life experience of mine, and therefore my story. My story with my point of view only, but still my story and okay for me to tell it.

Deleted Post had nothing to do with me. I was only involved in that I knew the people it was about. I told someone else's story, which amounts to nothing more than nasty gossip. My bad.

The Breakup, however, happened to me. I was certainly there. I know how I saw things as they happened. Because of that first-hand experience, I think it's okay for me to tell it to whoever I want. It's not gossip if you're talking about yourself.

Or is it? What you do all think?

By the way, thanks to everyone who emailed me for the next part of the story. Your kind words are certainly appreciated.


Rafaella said...

I agree with you! This is not gossip at all! It's your story and you have the right to share it. =)

Anonymous said...

like you said- it's your story to tell and if you want to tell it then do. If you don't, then don't.

Hell, I tell stories about myself all the time on my LJ. I'm all about sharing my own stupidity. I think it's important for others to learn from my mistakes (or is it I've done something so uterly stupid that I want to share and have others laugh along with me). Probably the latter.'

I think my favourite one was when I was told by Janice to just chop up a new bar of saddle soap into the old tub and nuke for short periods of time till it was melted and like having a new tub. Brilliant idea!! Yeah, it's all well and good unless you discover AFTER the soap is running out of the bottom of the microwave like a tsunami because you were too much of a retard to make sure there wasn't a giant crack int he bottom of the tub (which there was). And good luck cleaning all that soap up.

Yup- I'm a tard!! Had to share that one. I thought Janice was going to wet herself when I told her I attempted to use her trick.

I'm full of fun little tidbits of stupidity. As Conrad would say- I'm splashing stupid all over the place! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
-Z said...

Two things: You're allowed to tell someone else's story as long as their are no known (identifiable) villains in it. Great writers often use the stories they hear from others. If the other person, the one whose story it is, is a writer, however, I would ask first.

Secondly, if you're not honest and open in your blogging, it won't be nearly as interesting. You don't have to gossip or point fingers, but it really is okay to vent or simply to explore things that happened that are confusing or hard to grapple with. Or even are very clear. I know you wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone.

I've only had one big break-up with a trainer. It happens all the time.

On the other hand, I complain (too much) about my mother-in-law on one of my blogs. Not good for my soul, I don't think, but I can't seem to stop. I don't think she'll ever discover my blog. That's what I'm counting on. The truth is she's been told the ways that she's difficult and really doesn't give a fig, so I probably shouldn't even worry. She already knows but doesn't care.

I would be interested in reading your concluding post on "the breakup" if you feel like sharing with a stranger. I promise not to post or steal it!

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