Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'll see it in his bones

My blue mood about my horse has lifted, partly due to the Fench Silk pie. Mostly I've just been able to get things back in perspective. It's the uncertainty of the whole situation that gets to me from time to time. It's also not being able to ride my horse for such a long time. Like I've said before, I went years and years without Kaswyn taking a lame step, so having 16 months of lameness is just a little much all at one time. Let's just have this be it for the rest of his (long) life, okay?

Friday was going to be the day that Dr. B was coming out to x-ray Kaswyn's knee and determine how much healing has been induced by the shock wave treatment. However, I got a call from the clinic saying that they had to re-schedule the appointment for TODAY. That means I don't have to wait until Friday. I'm super nervous and excited all at once. I just need to remember that, while Dr. B is convinced that the bone will be greatly improved, it's possible that the bone will be the same. Or, very unlikely, worse. I guess I expect that it will be better because I saw 30 days of rest improve the bone by 50%. The shock wave should have helped the healing process even more over these past 30 days. It's certainly not cheap, so it damn well better have worked.

I must say that I won't miss hand walking if my horse is healed. I decided that I'd make him walk on the lunge line instead of walking next to me, thinking that if he was far away from me he couldn't cause any trouble. This is Kaswyn I'm dealing with, so of course that's not the case. Instead of walking in a big 20 meter circle around me at the end of the lunge line, he only wants to walk in a 10 meter circle. See, this makes it easier for him to suddenly take a few steps towards me, head held high, and invite me to play with him. This he does by shaking his head at me, arching his neck, and stepping high with his feet. If he gets close enough he'll even try and grab my coat in his teeth. Sure, it's cute, but not really acceptable behavior.

So instead of saying "Stop biting me!" every minute, I'm saying "Get away, beast! Walk on! GO!". Nice change of pace I suppose, but still super annoying. I'm sure all he can think is "I'm bored, I want to work, what's with all the walking? Let's DO something!"

Message received, big guy. Got it.

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