Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And trot!

Tomorrow is the day. I'll be trotting Kaswyn for the first time in six weeks since his shock wave treatment to see if he's sound. Judging from the way he's been walking and how his leg has looked the past week or so, I expect him to be sound. However, every other time I've treated this horse for something and expected him to be sound he wasn't.

For example, getting his hocks injected with hyaluronic acid was supposed to greatly improve his mystery lameness. It did not. When I had the neurectomy done, everyone I had talked to told me that their horse was completely sound after the surgery. Well, mine was not. Why should I be optimistic this time? I'm trying to be, but it's really very hard.

Regardless, I'm very much looking forward to trotting my horse again. Even if it's only going to be for a few laps around the arena, I'll get to feel that wonderful connection with my buddy again. Those who don't ride probably won't get why this is such a big deal.

If he's sound, it's going to make my day. More likely make my month. Maybe my year if all continues to go well.

If he's lame, I'll be crushed.


Lil Kate said...

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Me too with the crossed fingers. I know how frustrating it can be waiting and hoping for your horse to be sound.

I hope you have a great ride and that your rhythm is everything you'd hoped for.

I started riding this week for the first time in 3 months and my body is screaming at me. But I so missed riding I don't care.

Anonymous said...

We wait across the globe with baited breath (whenever I use or hear that expression, I think of Opus)

Rafaella said...

Hi, My name is Rafaella and I'm from Brazil. I've read your blog and it's great. Good Luck for your horse.
p.s.: he's so handsome. I love Arabians too.

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