Thursday, March 08, 2007

How much of a load?

Dr. B was at the barn yesterday to x-ray Kaswyn to see how much healing the shock wave has done. The verdict?

Is his words, "A shit load"

It's not completely healed - it's about 80%. Dr. B is not convinced that we'll ever get healing on that last 20%, but he's really happy with what we've got so far. Regardless, his opinion is that the area will be stronger now than it was before because now we have bone filled in where the ligamentous attachment had torn. So, in theory, the risk of re-injury to that area will be small.

He did caution me, however, that since Kaswyn is 16 he's not as flexible as he used to be. So while I might not injure that left inside splint bone attachment again, I could easily overdo it and pull, sprain, or tear something else. That means I have to bring him back slowly. Like, REALLY slowly. Here's our plan -

Ride at walk for 2 weeks. He wants me to put weight on it. Fine by me, I'd rather ride.
Trot for 45 days, slowing increasing the amount of time. Yes, you read correctly, 45 days.
Mid-May he wants to x-ray again and evalute Kaswyn before I begin cantering. He even said, "Don't you canter this horse..I want to see him first."

Then he said I can't do anything difficult or challenging for awhile. Which probably means that Sport Horse Nationals in September is out of the question. Dammit. I know I should just get him back to work and see how that goes, but I really want to go to that show. Sport Horse Nationals won't be in Virginia again until 2009. I don't want to wait that long!

Okay, let me back up a second.

To be perfectly clear, I'll be thrilled if I can get Kaswyn sound again. Training, lessons, and going to shows will just be a bonus. How much of a bonus?

A shit load.


Rising Rainbow said...

Exciting news. Walking on horseback is better than nothing on horseback. I don't know about you but I get really crazy when I don't get to ride for extended periods of time. I'm like an addict without my drugs. And Sport Horse Nationals is a long way off. It's not like the horse needs to be trained. He just needs to be conditioned and tuned. He'll be building condition when you get to trot. I don't remember what the cut-off date for qualifications is if you aren't already qualified. But it would seem to me, there's still a possibility. It's too early to give up hope, I think.

Lil Kate said...

Hooray!! He's on the mend!! :)

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