Friday, December 08, 2006

What's that light? Is it the end of the tunnel?

I rode Kaswyn yesterday, and he was sound. And even. It's amazing. He felt almost back to normal - how he used to feel over a year ago. Well, for me it was two years ago because I took a year off of riding when I was pregnant with Macey. When I started riding again he never felt right.

Granted, he is on aspirin and bute once a day plus a topical application of an anti-inflammatory cream (Surpass) right on the spot of the bone injury, but still it's nice to know that we might be getting to the end of this lameness road. I'm trying not to get too excited about this, but it's really hard when I can see and feel my old horse back. Dr. G. feels that the prognosis is good and that all we have to do is decrease that inflammation in the bone and he'll be just fine.

I'll ride this weekend and see if he's the same. Both my trainer and Craig have cautioned me to be hopeful but not overly excited. I'm trying, but it's really hard not to be jumping for joy.

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