Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Same horse, new plan

Yesterday was Tuesday, and I rode my horse. He was great. I'd say 100% sound and 98% even. So I looked back at my calendar and came to the conclusion that I think I've been riding my horse too hard. It seems like he needs more light days than work days, because Tuesdays are his best days and he gets a light day on Sunday and Monday off. So the current plan is:
Monday - off
Tuesday - ride for 10-15 mintues, complete with walk, trot and canter
Wednesday - off
Thursday - ride bareback and in a halter, walking only
Friday - ride for 10-15 monutes
Saturday - off
Sunday - ride walking only.
This way he'll get 3 days off a week, 2 days light riding where he has to bear weight on his back but no hard work, and 2 days of actual work. On his off days he'll get hours of pasture turnout in the morning, so he'll be getting out of his stall to walk around and graze. Once we start having consistantly good work days then I'll increase the time we work and, eventually, increase the number of work days to 3. He was getting 4 work days and I think that was just too much for him during this recovery period.

Days like yesterday fill me with hope that we'll be able to train again. It looks like it will be a really long road back. I'm willing to wait. He's worth it.

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Lil Kate said...

I'm glad to hear that Kaswyn is feeling so much better (both to himself and to you). I hope your new schedule works out.

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