Thursday, October 19, 2006

Getting back to it

I had a mini-lesson with Kaswyn on Tuesday. It was only 20 minutes, but it was very productive. My trainer just happened to be in the ring lunging a horse and she started helping me with the canter. He was feeling really good so we worked on getting him to be straight and supple, bear more weight behind, and use his inside hind a little more effectively. It's amazing how quickly bad habits creep into your riding when you're not taking lessons or actively working towards a goal. Before Tuesday I was just happy when Kaswyn was sound and didn't act like he was in pain. I guess now it's time to start building him back up. It's important that he work correctly when I ride him so that he builds the proper muscles and stays supple and straight. At the end he was feeling a bit tired but still felt sound and even.

I, on the other hand, was dying. After we went down to the walk to cool off, my trainer was talking to me and was asking me questions. I was breathing so hard that I could hardly talk. She was laughing at me, but no more than I was laughing at myself. I could never survive a full hour lesson right now, and neither could my horse. I guess we'll both just work back up to it. If he can stay sound and pain-free.

Wish us luck.


craig said...

Note to self: wife needs more strenuous workouts at home to get back into shape.

Just doing my part to help, honey.

Lil Kate said...

Good luck! They say it's easier to get back into shape when you have a "work-out buddy." Sounds like you'll have 2. ;)

Amaranth said...

I'm going to start taking lessons again, and I'm terrified of how much work it will be the first few months!! LOL, I understand ocmpletely!!

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