Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sneaking a trot in

On Sunday instead of hand walking Kaswyn I decided that I would get on him bareback and in a halter to walk him for 30 minutes. Why? Because I couldn't stand the "I'm going to bite you!" game any more. It was just getting out of control. My horse was so bored, so over this hand walking thing that he didn't care if I smacked him - every 10-20 seconds he would try to bite me. We had both had enough.

I have to say it was very nice to ride him again, even if it's only at the walk. He was much happier about being ridden because it was different. He's still not allowed to go out in the pasture, so the only time he gets out of his stall is when I go out there and walk him. I can understand why he was bored. I was too. So I've been riding him and walking ever since.

However, yesterday I just couldn't help myself - I had to trot him a little. Just one lap around to see how he felt. He felt pretty good. Hard to tell really since it was only one lap and he didn't have a bridle on, but he was willing and eager to move forward, which is a good sign. I can only hope that this means that the surgery was a success and that things will be returning to normal once I can get him back into shape. That's going to be a long road because I'm going to take it slowly, but it will be worth it. I miss my regular riding sessions, and I'll look forward to them even if it's just for conditioning Kaswyn cause it's fun just to ride.

There is one good thing about riding consistantly that most people won't think of. Unmoldy tack. See, when you don't use and clean your tack regularly, and it's as hot and humid out as it has been lately, your tack molds. It's really really gross. The other day I thoroughly cleaned both of my bridles because they were starting to get fuzzy and grey, even though they were completely cleaned the last time I used them. I always clean my tack after I use it now. I didn't used to, but when I started doing dressage I noticed that everyone cleaned their tack after riding. When I didn't I got a few looks and comments, so I decided I'd try and fit in and clean my tack. Now I can't imagine NOT cleaning it after I'm done.

Now if I just felt that way about the kitchen floor...


Lil Kate said...

I'd bet that if your floor were grey and fuzzy with mold - you'd be all over that bitch!


I'm glad that you were able to change things up for Kaswyn and that he felt good. Here's to a smooth recovery!

craig said...

If it will help, I'm willing to bite you on the arm until you clean the floors.

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