Saturday, July 22, 2006

So far so good

Kaswyn seems to be recovering well from the surgery. He doesn't have any heat in the foot or leg, and hasn't gotten a temperature. All good signs that he's healing as expected. Since his surgery, he's been on stall rest. Which means that he can't leave his stall at all. This is very unusual for my horse, because he's used to getting turned outside in a large grass pasture every morning, and then 5 days a week he's ridden in the afternoon. When I go to the barn every day to see him, he seems like his usual self so I don't think he's suffering any mental anguish from his stall rest. It helps a lot that his stall has a dutch door that opens up to the outside, so he can hang his head out the top of the door all day long.

I'm also spoiling him. He was spoiled before, but now I think I might be going a little overboard, even for me. See, I felt bad that he wouldn't be able to eat any grass until his stall rest is over, so every day I hand pick him a few bucketfulls of grass and feed it to him. By hand. He really likes it when I offer him a big clump of long grass, because then he can grab the end and rip it off. I think he finds it very satisfying to eat it this way. What a clown.

This will all end on Monday when I'm able to take him out of his stall and change his bandage. I'll then be able to walk him and let him eat grass outside. I'll fell much better then. Horses really need time outside. And I don't really need to hand-pick my horse's grass when he's got a perfectly good mouth he can use to do it for himself.

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