Sunday, July 16, 2006


Yesterday we had professional photos taken of the girls. We had tried once before to get photos taken, but we went to a place at the mall. The photographer was this young lady who didn't really give a crap if we got good pictures or not. Craig and I were the ones posing the girls and trying to get them to cooperate and smile. They used real film (in this digital age why use real film? Come on people, get with the program) so we had to wait over an hour to get the photos developed. And when we did they were so bad that we didn't buy any of them.

While we were waiting for our photos, we were sitting in the mall and a lady came over with her infant. She must have heard us talking about our terrible experience, because she recommended a place to us. She said they were great with kids and reasonably priced too. The next day I made an appointment and hoped for the best.

These people were fabulous! There was a photographer and another lady who would pose the girls and get them to smile. Then they downloaded our pics onto the computer and we got to preview them and pick them out while looking on a HUGE flatscreen monitor. Then our prints were done in 20 minutes. We got tons of really great pictures in three different outfits. Here is one of the great ones -

So I guess this a plug for Portrait Innovations in Solon, OH. Great work guys!

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Lil Kate said...

They're adorable!! :)

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr