Friday, April 19, 2013

Strap what on?

I rode Phil and Tuesday and he was being pretty cooperative, considering the thunderstorm and rain that rolled in a few minutes into our ride.  Since I was able to concentrate on something other than him, I was thinking about my position.  I tried to envision two fantastic riders that I've seen and keep my position like they do - my trainer and Courtney King-Dye.  This would prove to be ironic, considering what happened during the last part of my ride.  

There was a bit of hair that kept falling in my face.  It was really starting to bug me, and I kept pushing it out of the way.  After moving it out of my face for the third time, I realized I was touching my head.  I should not my able to touch my head if I was wearing a helmet. 

I completely forgot to put my helmet on.  

Before I had kids, I only wore a helmet (I actually just typoed there and wrote helpmet... interesting) when showing.  After I had Lily almost ten years ago, I decided that I owed it to my kids to wear a helmet.  Of course after Coutney's accident many more people are "strapping one on", especially in the dressage community.  I'm sure most of you have heard of this fantastic organization, inspired by Courtney's accident - Riders 4 Helmets.  If not, go take a look.  

Anyhow, since I decided to wear a helmet while riding I've never knowingly decided not to wear one.  Twice during the winter I got on Kaswyn without one, and that was purely a function of "I already have something on my head so I'm good to go."  Too bad it was a winter hat that would have done nothing to save me from cracking my skull.  

I know what happened to make me forget to helmet up.  When I gathered all my equipment together I ended up hanging my helmet up on a hook that I usually don't use.  Out of sight, out of mind I suppose.  Or just a break in routine got the better of me.  

Once I realized that my head was bare, I ended the riding session.  We were almost done anyway, and thankfully nothing dangerous occurred.  

When I got back to the barn to get Kaswyn ready for a walk, I put my helmet on top of his bareback pad where I was sure NOT to miss it.  And I put it on.  See, I can learn!  

Everyone, please wear your helmets.  You never know what might happen.  You wear a seatbelt, right?  Just strap one on.  

(I love this shirt from Riders 4 Helmets. But it's sold out! :(  I love all the merchandise actually. Go here to visit their store!

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L.Williams said...

I always wear a helmet just because my mother wouldn't let me ride as a kid without one, it becomes ingrained, a habit. I have twice forgotten and immediately gotten off when I realized my mistake and gotten my helmet. (funny instances both times) and once i had unclipped my helmet after riding, only to get on again randomly and forgotten to clip the strap. We are prone to forgetting.

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