Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February "Five Pieces of Equipment I Love Right Now" Weekly Post #5

Mountain Horse Rimfrost Rider Winter Boots

In the summer I ride in Ariats. In the winter, when it's freezing, I need more warmth for my feet. Years ago I bought these boots and they are great. Zipper up the back for easy on and off, waterproof (up to the zipper), and nice and warm. I only wear them in the winter, but they really seem to have held up after a few winters since they are synthetic and not leather. My only complaint is that they are a little short. Being a dressage snot I like my boots tall and right up to the back of my knee. These fall about 3 inches short, so it feels a little like I'm wearing flood pants. Oh, one other thing I've noticed is that, since they are thick boots, the sole is thicker. This makes me have to ride with my stirrups one hole longer than with my Ariats. Not a big deal, just an observation. Oh, and sometimes they squeak on my saddle. I have no idea why. They aren't making a rub mark or anything, just the squeak. It's worth putting up with to have warm feeties.

They run about $110 right now, but it looks like they have a new style that I'd like more. The Active Winter Rider boot is more expensive at $176, but they look more fitted and are almost two inches taller.

If I have to buy another pair of winter boots, I'll probably go for these babies. The only drawback I see is that the zipper on the Active boots comes down almost to the sole of the boot, where the Rimfrost zipper is above the heel. In the winter sometimes I'm stomping through water and slush and it's nice to have the zipper up higher so I don't get a soaker in my boot. (
Equestrian Collections carries both kinds!)

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Marnie K said...

I have the paddock boot version of these and really like them. When I first start wearing them in the fall they feel bulky but on the other hand when I first switch back to paddock boots in the spring I almost feel naked without the extra bulk.

Jessica said...

I have the more expensive pair of the Mountain horse winter riding boots, (riding in canada its a must) and i love them they come right up to the back of my knee and are super comfortable.

Louisa Valentina; said...

just wanted to leave a quick comment - i've read your entire blog in a couple days, I think I was slightly addicted.

It was more like a novel for me, documenting Kaswyn's trials and tribulations - I almost cheered when you found a better situation for him, and also found yourself showing again!

I ride western, so a lot of the dressage stuff is exceptionally foreign to me, but i've really learnt a lot and find it all very interesting. Thanks so much for your awesome blog! :)

Val said...

I have the same Rimfrost boots and I love them!

Corinna said...

it typically doesn't get cold enough where I live to need heavy duty boots, but something suitable for the wet as well as riding would be great- my Ariat paddock boots don't hold up very well in the wet. thanks for sharing! Corinna

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