Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February "Five Pieces of Equipment I Love Right Now" Weekly Post #3

Schneider's Gel-Lite Split Support Pad with Inserts

The last one was a pad for Phil - this one is a pad for Kaswyn. Again, the trainer/barn manager at my barn has one of these pads that she uses on her older gelding for lessons. It has pockets in the front and in the back that you can put foam inserts in (also available from Schneider's).

For the older horses with backs that have dropped some, the foam pad inserts in the back help lift the saddle and level it out. Kaswyn was really ready for a pad like this, and I think it fits very well. The pad is $45 and the inserts are $11. Still pretty reasonable, I think. (Find them at

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Marnie K said...

I love just about everything from Schneiders! Their prices are very reasonable and the quality is great. It's fun to learn about products that I never would have thought about just from browsing through their catalog.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr