Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February "Five Pieces of Equipment I Love Right Now" Weekly Post #4

Wintec Stirrup Leathers - (Webbers)

I admit. I always that those Wintec Stirrup leathers were stupid. That they didn't make a difference. I mean, a stirrup leather is a stirrup leather, right?


When I moved to my barn I was riding a few different horse because Kaswyn was busy recovering from his surgery. All the saddles had the Wintec leathers. It took me a bit to get used to adjusting them, but riding in them was just like riding in normal leathers. No biggie.

But I wasn't hooked until I went back and rode Kaswyn in my old buckle-at-the-top stirrups. The bump under my thigh was SO annoying after riding for weeks without it there. I ran out and bought some Wintec leathers for Kaswyn's saddle and I've never looked back since. They are great. They run about $40, depending on where you pick them up (Equestrian Collections has them!)


Scarlett said...

me too
me too
me too!


And yes, once you go Wintec stirrup leathers you never ever want to go back. They are also MUCH easier to adjust from in the saddle too!

achieve1dream said...

Those are cool!! I didn't know they made some like that. I might have to get some of those . . . :)

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