Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Win a Flip camera from Purina

Purina is running a program called "60 Day Challenge" where they say "Try Purina® feed for 60 days and you'll see the difference in your animals or we'll buy back the feed. " They'll send you feed coupons and there is a place on the web site for you to upload photos and share your story about how Purina feed has made a difference in your horse (or other animal, the program is open to the many species of animals that they manufacture food for).

Purina has sent me a Flip video camera and a coupon for a free bag of feed to give away to my readers.

Here is how to enter my contest -

1) Add a comment to this post.

2) In the comment, give the name and address of a horse blog that you like. It can be your favorite, or a new one that you've discovered, just so it's a horse blog.

3) It's okay to list the same blog as somebody else, but I'd like the comments section to be full of new blogs for people to read. Oh, and don't name this blog - I already know about this one. ;)

4) When the contest period ends I'll randomly select one commenter to receive the free video camera and feed coupons!

5) Contest will end at midnight on July 13. That's two weeks to comment.

Even if you don't want to comment, you should sign up for the challenge anyway. Purina will send you coupons for feed - all you have to do is sign up. Even if you board your horse I'm sure you can work out an arrangement to have the value of the coupons taken off of your board bill. I know that I've been able to do that. Or, give the coupons away to someone who has their horses at home. We all know someone like that. Or donate your coupons to a local shelter or rescue. Either way, it's money off of feed and everyone can use that!

So go find a horse blog, comment, sign up for the challenge, and maybe you can win a Flip camera courtesy of Purina!


Sand. said...

: ) Yeah! Contest.

One blog I love following (she's a local and I use her hard work with her horse Handsome as inspiration to get out and ride) is:

Prairie Nerd in Paddock Boots

Kate said...

One great blog I follow that has fantastic stories and amazing pictures to boot is:

A Collection of Madcap Escapades

Melissa said...

Here are two blogs that I like to follow:

I love your blog:)

Kirsten said...

What a great idea! I'd love to find more things to read. Here are a few I love:

Behind the Bit:

Horse Plus Humane Society:

HammersArk said...

I love contests - I never win but it's fun anyhow!

I'd like to add my new blog to the list

but to not be self serving I have been following

since it was started! Mukes rock!

OnTheBit said...

My favorite blog is Tucker the Wunderkind

She is an adult ammy trying to ride the A Circut hunter shows.

caitlin said...

I am always on the look out for ways to balance family, work and my horses (which is how I found your blog!)I like this one, too:

Rachel Cope said...
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Rachel Cope said...

2 favorite blogs
1. Equine Groove-great advice on just about everything surrounding life with horses and a few good recipes too!

2. Dressage Mind- great following a successful adult amateur that supports her riding habits while remaining competitive!

DressagePonyDiva said...

2 fantastic blogs that I read are:


Mare said...

Love these:

Enginerd said...

Marnie K said...

I read 2 horse blogs, yours (of course) and Behind the Bit. I enjoy yours because I love reading your heart-felt, honest stories of your struggles with Kaswyn's lameness.

I enjoy Behind the Bit because I've picked up some great dressage pointers and ideas from there. It's also the closest thing to a celebrity magazine that I ever read.

Jen S. said...

This is a great idea! I love finding new blogs to read!

One of my many favorites is

I love the photography and the stories.

Marcie said...

I love that blog, it's from the view of a plus sized rider and the journey she and her plus sized pony take together. :)

Rose said...

My all time favorite horse blog is Fugly Horse of the Day!

A recent on my friend turned me on to is Mug Wump Chronicles

I hope your readers enjoy reading them.

Also, I want to say you aspire me to be a better horse-person. I also am a mother, full-time student, and work full-time. My new APHA weanling is a super fun and super busy addition to by already full and busy life. Keep up the good work!!

Stephanie said...

Flying Changes


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Con - test!!

I have a couple of blogs I'd like to add to your list:

Memoirs of a Horse Girl is a lovely blog with fabulously written training information and stories - love it.

The other isEquine Insanity. Simply some of the best writing (about horses) on the interwebs.

Judith said...

I love this blog because I learn a lot about conditioning the horse and I just love the relationship this woman has with her horse.

MrsTor said...

The Literary Horse is a wonderful, funny blog about 'Mr. Chips', a long maned, mini horse who seems to know it all. The trouble he finds and the solutions he comes up with are just hilarious.

Check it out and I think you will laugh along with the writer as she tells the story of 'Mr Chips'.

Love this idea as now I can spend my evenings reading more blogs about horses and the people they own.

Melinda McClain

McFawn said...

I have several horse blogs I like, but CANTER's Dixie Rumble blog is a standout.

Jessica has a great positive and professional attitude towards bringing along young OTTBs. She's able to find the talent in each and every horse, and is great about posting videos and pics to help make the progress visual. It's a huge help as I bring along my young horse (my first young horse in a reaallllly long time! So its great to see what to expect)

Taya said...

Whiskey Ranch-Horse has an interesting aview on equine life- and he's very funny!

achieve1dream said...

Cool contest! I can't wait to hear how the Purina challenge goes for you. Which product are you trying?

This is one of my favorite blogs. I have a lot of favorites but I wanted to choose one that doesn't have over a hundred followers so maybe she can get some new ones. :D

She's on vacation right now, but normally writes very often about her eventing training with her OTTB Steady. :)

Val said...

There are so many horsey blogs that I love and read, but the one that got me started is


One woman's journey with her barefoot mare. Every post is heartfelt and real.

Jen said...

Gosh there's a ton of horse blogs listed here, and only a handful I've heard of (lots more reading - eek!) Here's a good one I haven't seen listed yet:

Jen said...

Gosh! I can't believe I forgot this one:

susanne said...
I Am Boyfriend
The life of a uniquely verbal Nakota gelding, and his world as he sees it. Cover your keyboard -- spittakes galore!
"Boyfriend is what Mother calls me, but most people find that too embarrassing, so you can call me Bif. When I say Mother, I mean my human, but that is how she refers to herself, "Mother", so I go along with it. No one is brave enough to point out to Mother the inappropriateness of naming a horse Boyfriend and then that that same horse should view her as mother. That is at least two kinds of wrong. Maybe three. Math isn't my strong suit. Rest assured though, our relationship is 100% agape.*"
Cob Cottage Studio
The Life and Art of Kathi Peters...usually it is all about the world of horses, but not always. Her artwork graces the cover of one of my favorite driving books, "The Essential Guide to Carriage Driving," and her equine paintings reflect her knowledge of horses and various disciplines.

Stacey Kimmel-Smith said...

I like five oclock somewhere

The author makes jewelry and rides horses and her posts are always varied and interesting!

Stacey at

Liz said...

Excellent idea by Purina! One other horsey blog I follow is "Behind the Bit"

Redneck Geologist said...

Speedy G said...

I wouldn't mind a flip camera - thanks, Purina.

Behind the bit inspired me to blog. Here it is: I also enjoy your blog, Behind the Bit, Boots and Saddles, and Memoirs of a Horse Girl.

Paula Grasty said...

ckddressage I have been following Courteney's progress on her blog. I have a daughter-in-law who sustained a brain injury in 2007 and I know how hard she has to work to gain progress. I am inspired by her committment to work at it. It makes me re-evaluate my flimsy excuses about being too cold or too hot or too windy and get out and ride anyway.

Rea Family said...

My favorite blog is Behind the Bit, she posts something daily and is always so informative and relatable.
I am a horsey mom as well and always enjoy your blog, its hard juggling both horses and kids but so rewarding.

Gooddog_baddog said...

Oh geez, I have so many blogs I follow, your included...alot of them are already listed here, but i did get a few new ones to add to my growing list. Here's a few more I hope aren't already listed:
I love all the pics of the old retirees:

Purina said...

That's great to here. Purina brand dog food formulas are produced and marketed by Nestle Purina PetCare.

Paintings of Horses said...

Does anybody have already win this? I have followed many horses blogs.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr