Wednesday, June 08, 2011

ShowSheen for you, too!

The good folks at Absorbine want you to try ShowSheen 2.0 too! So, they have agreed to give free bottles to five lucky Dressage Mom readers. Here is all you have to do -

Send me a picture of your horse at it's dirtiest. Caked with mud, dust, poop, whatever. Rinse those babies off and then let them roll in the dirt! Turn them out in that muddy paddock! Do whatever you have to do, but get them nice and dirty and get a picture. The top five dirtiest horse pictures will get a free bottle of the new ShowSheen! (Click here to see a quick video of the new ShowSheen)

You can post the pictures to my Facebook page - (send a friend request if you're not a friend already) or you can email them to me at if you don't have a Facebook account (but you should get one, cause you could be missing out on some good stuff).

Contest ends June 18th. So, go get down and dirty!

More giveaways coming - stay tuned!

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Rising Rainbow said...

I had never heard of using showsheen to stop tail rubbing. I might have to try that. I have one I can't seem to get stopped from rubbing his tail and I've tried everything I could think of.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr