Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Put a shine on it

So on Monday I picked up the girls and they went with me to check on Kaswyn. All I wanted to do was hand-walk him and check his leg and neck, so it was going to be a short trip to the barn for me. On the way there, in the back seat, the girls started discussing horses and barns.


Lily: Do you remember Honey?

(Honey was a haflinger pony that the girls had ridden a few times at a different barn)

Macey: Yeah, I loved Honey, but she's not at this barn. This is a new barn.

Lily: Oh right.


Lily: Do you remember how white her tail was?

Macey: Yeah, it was great!

Lily: And how sometimes she'd run and her tail would sparkle?

(I'm driving and thinking "What is she talking about?", but I say nothing)

Macey: Yeah, it was sparkly.

Lily: It was sparkly because of the dirt she kicked up. You know, how sometimes when the dirt is in the air and the sun hits it it sparkles?

Macey: Yeah...

Lily: But sometimes there was poo-poo mixed in with the dirt, and that didn't sparkle.

Macey: Right. Because poo-poo doesn't gleam in the sun.


craig said...

That's my girl.

Ms Martyr said...

"Because poo-poo doesn't gleam in the sun"

Sounds like a great tagline to me.

Belle said...

Oh my goodness. That is priceless!

Val said...

Love it! Kids can be so funny.

Rising Rainbow said...

Geez! You just never know what will come out of their mouths or what they're taking in, for that matter.

achieve1dream said...

ROFLOL! Too funny. Thanks for sharing.

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