Saturday, January 01, 2011

Fat leg

Today I went out to see Kaswyn and his leg was all fat and swollen. Now I'm pretty certain that it's the inflammation that is making him sensitive, uncomfortable, and lame, because he didn't want me to touch any place that was swollen, not just between or around the incisions.

So I walked him for ten minutes and gave him 2 grams of bute. I also put some Surpass cream on the most puffy areas. I decided to put him on one gram of bute twice a day for three days, then one gram a day for three days. I think it's harder for that wound to heal with a bunch of inflammation going on, even though I don't like him being on bute for a long time.

Thanks for all of your comments and positive thoughts sent my way. I'm trying to look towards the positive, and be patient for the healing to be over before I pass judgment on if he's going to heal completely or well enough to return to work.

We'll see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully a less swollen leg.


Carol said...

Good luck with Kaswyn. And patience :)
I've enjoyed finding and reading your blog in 2010. Hope you have a healthy year with your horse ahead.

Kate said...

I didn't comment on your last post, as it efectively left me speachless, so this is for both posts.
First off, i've always found it slightpy unnerving how some times a song comes on the radio, and it just seems so... Fatalistic? I still can't really verbalize my thoughts on your ladt post; the fact that its about midnight probably isnt helping either.
Anyhow, I hope 2011 brings soundness and less difficult/ stresful times for you and your family as well. Its too bad that 2010 ended on the note that it did, but i suppose it gives you something to look foreward to.

Jen said...

Oh I so hope your little man's leg heals completely! Horses can often surprise us that way; going from awful to fine (and the fact that you two have a great relationship is in his favor - he's happy).
I know that God has a special place in His heart for horses (read Job 39:19 if you don't believe me :o) and I'll say a special prayer that your Kaswyn be right as rain in no time.

Wiola said...

Hello Sheri, really sorry to hear it's taking so long but I agree that until the inflammation is gone you can't really assess his soundness either way. Everything crossed for little man and you!

Ms Martyr said...

Dumb me but I found the fact that his leg was inflamed encouraging as that may be what caused his lameness the other day. Did the vet give you any kind of "average" time period for how long it should take him to fully heal?

Rising Rainbow said...

I know it's frustrating watching the ups and downs of this process. It would frustrate most any of us but healing is a darn process and like any process it takes time and will have usually have ups and down along the way.

I have one of my own I am watching here, Solidare's foal, and I think I want/need him to be sound as much as you do Kaswyn because I have already lost her. He's doing the ups and down with inflammation, all this cliff hanger stuff and I just keep trying to tell myself there's no point worrying. I'm just making myself crazy if I do and it sure doesn't help the process one bit. Time is what it needs and I've got plenty of that so I'm just going to wait to see what happens. We'll deal with what's next when we get there.

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