Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clock move faster!

I haven't seen Kaswyn in a week and I'm going out to the barn tonight after work.

And work is going SO slowly. Ugh.

I'm sure the gals out at the barn have taken good care of him but I miss that boy. I'll take pictures of his wound if I can get decent lighting. That way everyone gets to see the grossness! Actually I'm hoping it's looking much better than it did a week ago.

I also am feeling a bit bloated and soft from not riding for a week. It's probably all in my head, but what I think is "I haven't done any exercise in a week! And I like Ho-Ho's!" See the problem?

I miss the other ponies that I get to ride too. I've had requests to post pictures of the other three I'm riding, so I need to get that done. You will love them, they are all adorable!

Ok, back to work, blah. But going to see my boy later, so YAY!


achieve1dream said...

Awww sorry work is going so slow. It always seems like the days where you have something to do after work (especially if it's fun) that they drag on and on. I can't wait to see pictures and hear how he's doing!

Kate said...

I know that feeling. And then when you do ride, its like "ouch, why do I lose my muscle so fast?" Takes forever to gain, but no time at all to lose.

Ms Martyr said...

Hope Kaswyn's leg shows noticeable improvement. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the other horses you ride.
You have an award waiting for you on my blog. Hope that's okay.

MableKB said...

Same here! I haven't ridden in a week due to weather and feel like a lazy slob. Also, I've nominated you for the Stylish Blog Award. I think you have to visit my blog to receive it.

Rising Rainbow said...

Having a bit of withdrawal symptoms, are you? I'd be doing that too if I didn't see my horses for a week.

Can't wait to hear how Kaswyn is doing. Give that boy a scratch from me.

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