Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Leg pictures and video

Here are the current pictures of Kaswyn's leg.

First, the lateral incision site, meaning the outside of the leg.

Looks pretty good, right? You can just see two little areas of pink, but the rest is totally healed.

Next, the medial side. That's the side that teh surgeon said was a mess of scar tissue, nerve re-growth, and lots of inflammation and hypersensitivity.

Looks pretty icky. It's still open, but flat. By that I mean it doesn't have a huge canyon or hole down in there, but there is still exposed "meat". It also has that dark strip that I think is just dead, necrotic tissue that I'm hoping will fall off once the skin under it heals.

Besides that, Kaswyn is hyper sensitive in the area directly between the incisions at the back center of the pastern. Here is a short video showing that -


I sent all of this to the surgeon, so I'll post her opinions when she gets a chance to review the info. Right now I'm not very hopeful. I had the blacksmith pull Kaswyn's shoes so he can start going out in the snow. I can tell that he doesn't have any feeling in that heel, which is good, and that the medial incision is not painful (even though it looks bad), but that hyper sensitive area worries me. A lot.


Heather said...

You're doing great, he's a lucky boy.

BTW, have you turned off the RSS feed for the blog on purpose. It would be helpful!

Thx from a fellow "senior" horse owner, we do arthritis!

Anonymous said...

I sent the link on to Paul and Marcy. Paul says Kas should be hyper-sensitive with all that has been done to him. Hang in there!

Rising Rainbow said...

Me, I'm thinking it's too early to worry. With that wound looking like that, and some of the horse stuff I've dealth with, I'm thinking there's still time for things to settle down. Hang in there. I know this has been a long road.

achieve1dream said...

Wow, that sucks. At least it isn't swollen and he doesn't seem to be in pain except for that one sensitive spot. You say you aren't hopeful . . . what is it you think it is? I have no clue at all and no helpful suggestion, just support and good wishes. Let us know what the surgeon thinks.

Also in the video you said his name, which I never knew how to pronounce. I always said it case-win. It sounds like you said cass-wa. What does it mean anyway? I like his name. :)

cass wa

Wiola said...

It doesn't look as bad as I thought it might do but I agree with a worry on hypersensitivity.
Really hope he pulls through it just fine!

I am wishing you, your family and Kaswyn a restful, stress-free festive season and may all your wishes for 2011 come true!

All the best,

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr