Friday, September 10, 2010

WEG happenings

So, lots of things happening right now as far as WEG goes.

First, the horse blogging community has banded together to help raise money for Laura Goldman! Check out Behind the Bit blog -

So if you donate to Laura and leave a comment on the blog, you could win a prize! This post also lists the horse bloggers who are participating in the fundraising effort. Pretty cool huh?

Oh, and if you're a horse blogger and want to join the horse blogging community, check out -

So far there are 105 members and it's growing. It's a great community, so come join us!

One last thing - Equestrian Collections has agreed to sponsor Laura Goldman! It's not a full sponsorship, so keep those donations coming. Anyway, in exchange for helping out Laura I'll be blogging for Equestrian Collections. They are setting a blog up now but it might not be ready in time for WEG, so I'm not sure how this will all go down. I'll keep you posted. If the blog isn't up and running I'll be posting on Equestrian Collections Facebook page. If you're on Facebook, you should "like" Equestrian Collections ( so that you can get my updates from WEG.

WEG is just around the corner. I'll be there from September 25th to October 3rd. I'm getting pretty stoked about it! If anyone out there wants to arrange a time to meet up that would be so fun! Let me know and we'll set something up.


Jackie said...

I'll be there for that same timeframe! I'll be working down at IEF Sept 25,30 and Oct 1,2, but I'll be at the Horse Park the days in between. Would love to hook up for a bit!

Jennifer said...

I'll be there from 9/29-10/3 for the eventing phases. Would love to meet up. :)

Stacey Kimmel-Smith said...

AWESOME!!! Can't wait to hear about WEG :-)

Jen said...

I sure hope we get enough donations to make it over the top! I posted a photo of "what's in the box" from us for the giveaway on my blog yesterday. You are welcome to grab it from the post if you like; maybe it will help provide some incentive :o)
WEG here she comes (we hope, we hope, we hope) Woo!

Rising Rainbow said...

I get excited for you just thinking about this.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr