Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kaswyn and the Lawyer

Okay, so I'm pretty happy right now. I took a video of Kaswyn on Monday.

I think that sometimes he looks just a pinch weird on his left front, but that is mainly when I got him going slow and he's a little on the forehand. I also think he looks a bit weird at the left lead canter. It kind of looks like he's dropping that shoulder a bit more than he should, but I can't see how his foot would effect that. Could simply be habit of way of going? Regardless, there is no doubt that it's better than it was before.

Also today I rode him for 20 minutes. We schooled pretty much everything, and then I put him back on the lunge to see how he looked. He still looked great.

In my heart I think we have found the problem - irritated neuromas or nerves that somehow grew back after neurectomy. Or at least a big problem that needs to be solved. If it's not the only problem, then by solving this one the other issues should become more apparent. But right now, it's looking promising.

After 5 years I might be getting my horse back. I think my heart will explode from the pride and love I feel for that animal.

I'm glad I didn't give up. And I'm glad Dr. G listened to me all those times I took my horse over to see him. The last time I went, if you'll remember, I told Dr. G what I wanted to do and if he thought it would work. He though it was a good idea so he went along with it. Later I said to him "Thank you for considering my suggestions. I appreciate that you listened to me."

Dr. G said "Let me tell you a story. I knew this guy who was a lawyer, and his son, who had just finished law school, came to work for him. He was assigned a case where this man had been accused of a crime.

"So the son has a meeting with this guy and after it's over says to his dad 'I'm not sure that went very well. We got in the room and this guy told me what he was charged with, but then told me all the things he thought I should be doing. After ten minutes I stopped him and said "Hey, I'm the lawyer here, I know what we need to do!"

"So the father says 'Big mistake. This guy, he's been living with this problem. Night and day that's all he thinks about, it's all he has time for. With you, you just had fifteen minutes to hear about it. You should always take into consideration that this guy is living it, and that he knows more about it than you could pick up in fifteen minutes.'"

"That's how I look at it with you. You're living it. You see it all the time, thinking about it. You know your horse. If you were making a big mistake, I'd tell you, but I think your suggestions are valid."

Right now the plan is to see how long he stays sound. Eleven days so far. I think the max is 6 weeks for this kind of injection. Here's hoping!


SoraSoul said...

Congratulations! I'm so unbelievably happy for you \o/

achieve1dream said...

Wow! Great story. You definitely have a keeper of a vet! I'm so happy for you that Kaswyn is sound. After the injection wears off what is the next step? Surgery again? Now that you know what the problem is will the surgery fix it permanently this time?

Jen said...

I'm no expert, but is it possible that the dropped shoulder is a subconscious thing to protect his foot? I know if I get used to something hurting (like a broken toe) I tend to baby it longer than is necessary by putting less weight on it even after I'm in the clear.
Since Kaswyn's "limp" is fairly pronounced at the walk but seemed to almost disappear at the trot, I wonder if the change in gait might have been enough to divert his attention away from worrying that foot will start hurting again. Am I making sense? I don't always spit it out coherently *grin*.

Rising Rainbow said...

Boy, do I understand that lawyer story from first hand experience. Sounds like you have a great vet. I have one who listens to me too. The only kind I will have. It makes such a huge difference in how things turn out for my horse.

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