Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Catching Up - Part 1

Ok, lets get started!

On my last post I listed a bunch of things that were going on that I didn't have time to write about yet. Well, here are three things I'll catch up on today.

Two horses went on a trail ride.

We have no outdoor arena, and no access to trails at our barn. After nearly two years of only riding in the small indoor arena, I got Susan to go out on trail with me. We took a "trail ride" by walking down the street, like this.

When Susan's dad heard this he said "That's not very safe." And so, he got her a used trailer. Really super cool. It's not perfect, and needs a little work, but for the amount of money he paid it could not have been passed up. Two horse, ramp load, dressing room. Just fantastic.

Not to appear ungrateful, we put it to good use as soon as possible, and here is a short video of our first trail ride out.

Which leads us to...

A horse is more out of shape than he should be.

This would be Albert. We were out for an hour, walking only, at a very easy pace. But that boy got so sweaty it was silly. Yes, it was hot, but not THAT hot! Well, I didn't think it was. Susan thought it was too hot, but she hates the heat. I guess her horse does too. But that might be because...

A horse is fat.

Again, Albert. I don't know how he got so chubby, but he's packed on a few pound that he really needs to lose now. So he's out of shape and is fat. We'll fix that.

Part 2 - did someone choke?

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achieve1dream said...

Heck I grew up riding on the roads. My only choices were pasture or roads. We didn't have trails or arenas. It could get a bit hairy if inconsiderate people drove by. What I think was more dangerous than traffic was little kids who used to jump out of the hedges screaming trying to scare the horses. Stupid kids had no clue how dangerous that was. Or there are the people who throw things at you when they drive by (usually teenage boys). No end to how stupid people can be. On the up side I loved riding on the roads. Nothing phased my horse. She'd pass dump trucks, trash trucks, tractors, big rigs, trailers, etc. Even the road graders didn't bother her. :) Thanks for sharing. This brought back a lot of great memories. :)

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr