Sunday, July 19, 2009

July show - Sunday

There's not much to tell about the show today, except that Skyy was wonderful. We lunged for 15 minutes before I got on to warm up for the first test, and he was a little tense and rushing on the lunge line. The warm up was good and then I asked my trainer to walk beside him halfway up the show ring. Obviously this strategy worked because he had a great test.

His first test scored a 68% and a second place!

His second ride of the day was an hour after the first one, I think he was a bit tired for this one. I only warmed up for 15 minutes and no lunging.

The second test was a 62% (different judge) and a fourth place. My trainer said it best when she told me he looked like he was "a little hot and cold" during that test. Both tests had small mistakes but that's totally to be expected from a young horse who is just figuring out the show game. Still I'm super pleased that he was obedient and worked so well.

So now I have three horses to take to Sport Horse Nationals, which will mean 10 tests over 6 days. Some of the classes are split into two sections, and if I can get the section that I want I will have at most two rides a day and each horse will only go once per day. I think I'm going to be tired, but I'm really excited about going!


Horseypants said...

Seems like when Skyy is bad he's awful, but when he's good, he's very, very good!

eggb4thechicken said...

It's great to see a good WORKING trot! I went to a show this weekend, it's very frustrating to see those dribble trots getting higher marks than you, you know?

jennybean79 said...

Congratulations on beating your fear, getting back on and conquering!! I think that you look like a very competant rider, you sat and rode his antics very well and you looked secure enough to sit any bucks he may have thrown like a pro.

I had a bad fall a few years ago that really scared me. Bobby, the horse I generally show, bucked me off in a large hunter class at a big Morgan show. I landed on my head and was knocked out briefly (thank God for helmets). I got back on and finished the class, but it really put a fear in me that previously, I never had. Bobby still pulls out the bucking card from time to time, and I had to do alot of soul searching to get back on and show that stinker pot. To this day, I still get very upset when a horse is overly difficult, riding horses is just plain dangerous at times and I think the older I get, the more cautious I'm becomming. SIGH!!!

Katee said...

I'm so glad that Sunday was a better day. Watching that first video from Saturday I was expecting you to jump off his back as soon as your test was done. He was so worked up! I'm happy things didn't progress into bucking and such.

Three horses as Nationals! Are you taking a groom along? ?

dressagemom said...

Horseypants -

I just think he's figuring out that nothing bad is going to happen to him and he doesn't have to panic. Cause when he panics he just wants to run away!

Egg -

Thanks! He does have a nice trot. I like the canter too if he doesn't get too low in the poll.

Jenny -

Yes it's hard to be scared when riding a horse but as long as you remember it's inherently dangerous then you can always be on guard for the bad situations without being paranoid.

Katee -

The owners of the other two horses will be coming with me, and I hope my trainer can come too, so there will be extra hands for help. Still it's going to be busy!

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