Friday, July 03, 2009

Day off for the boys, day on for the girls

Today Craig and I took the girls to the barn to go riding.

Here is Lily -

And here is Macey. Even though she is younger she is much braver about horses.

Cheers to Albert for being such a good sport! Fantastic little boy!

Tomorrow all three boys will work. I'm looking forward to it.


STB Eventer said...

OMG they are so darn cute I want to squeeze them! Macey is a GOOD little rider! I see dressage in her future! And what a sweet Albert...his face is priceless. :D

Bug-Horse Lady said...

Albert's face was hilarious and when your Husband zoomed in on his bewilderment I was laughing so hard. They are going to LOVE these videos when they are older. I'm so super impressed with all the footage you guys take, it has inspired me once I get back on the horse!

piaffe4me said...

Sorry this comment is so late--I just stumbled upon your blog. What CUTE video clips! And arabs--the ultimate amateur horse! My mare used to beat the WBs at the shows and then come home and patiently teach all my students the elements of seat, position, timing, feel, etc. She is gone now, but I still miss her. Your kids are TOO CUTE!! I see JR/YR in their futures...LOL

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr