Sunday, July 26, 2009

Better Backs R Us

So I rode Kaswyn on Thursday (yeah I know it's Sunday, I'm just getting around to writing about it). I was scared to get on him but Dr. C told me to ride him so we could figure out if we were heading in the right direction with the mesotherapy. I checked Kaswyn's back before I put the saddle on and I could not get a pain reaction out of him. So we headed to the arena and I climbed on.

And Kaswyn felt so much better. I would say he is 80% of where he should be. He still took a few funny steps but it felt like he was trying to push with his hind legs and they weren't strong enough to do the job. He was much more willing to work than he has been lately, and had tons of energy. So I gave him Friday off and lunged him yesterday and today. I didn't want to get back on his back if I didn't have to, and the lunging (which I don't do a lot with him) will help him build muscle without my weight and the saddle to make him sore.

Here is my opinion of what has happened with this whole lameness thing. I overworked him and aggravated his problem areas, like his left hind pastern and his stifles, but he kept working through the pain and compensated in his back. Eventually everything added up to him being lame in multiple places. Then we had to systematically eliminate the painful areas, ending with the back. Now he's a bit weak in the rear but otherwise seems pain free.

Dr. C is coming out to repeat the mesotherapy on Tuesday. Then we'll see how Kaswyn does with that. He may not need another treatment - it all depends on how he responds. Judging from how well he responded to the first treatment I'm guessing he might not need another one.

So my plan after the next treatment is to work him only every other day and lunge at least twice a week for the next few weeks. Hopefully I can get his strength up before entries for Nationals close. I need to have some idea of if he's going to be able to physically handle going to the show. I know mentally he's ready, but he'll be showing at Fourth Level and Prix St George which are pretty demanding, especially on the hind legs.

Entries close August 12. At least I know two horses will be going. I'm just really hoping it will be three.

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