Friday, February 27, 2009

Muddy frustration

Last night I was all set up to clean poop out of the arena, have a nice ride on both horses, followed by a fun filled session of arena watering and dragging in preparation for my lessons tonight. However, when I got the the barn Kaswyn was literally dripping with wet, sticky mud.

Usually if my horse is muddy it's dried so I can scrape and brush it off, but the booger must have just rolled before he was brought in from the pasture. Not only did he plaster both sides of his face, smoosh it in his ear, and gunk of his halter, but he got it a good two feet up under his blanket on both sides all along his body. The only parts that weren't covered were the top third of his body under his blanket.

Since it was over 50 degrees yesterday, Kaswyn got a bath. Yep, a bubble bath, complete with mane and tail washing/conditioning. There was just nothing else I could do. Now, the bath itself would have been much easier if the water pump by the washrack was working (it's been broken for months, maybe 5), and even better if the washrack drain was unclogged (again, been clogged for some time now). But, alas, neither of these things happened, so I had to hook up a hose from the water pump halfway down the barn aisle, connect it with a Y connector to the hot water (which, by some miracle, WAS working), and tie my pony outside and bathe him.

It sucked. I can't express that enough. The wind started to blow and both of us were cold. I felt so bad for him and just frustrated with this situation. Not for the first time, I thought that maybe I'm just plain stupid to think that I can actually effectively show these horses while boarding at this barn. The arena is too small, I do lots of work to be able to ride, and nobody really takes into account how a show horse needs to be treated. Not that they are mistreating Kaswyn, but the mud was SO extensive and apparent, you'd think they'd decide not to turn out. But, nobody else ride their horses, so who cares if they get muddy?

Well, I care. I hate to do this but I'm going to have to tell them that if it's muddy then Kaswyn can't go out. They can put him in the arena with someone (more poop for me to clean - yay!) but I can't miss a day of riding, have him pull a shoe, or miss a lesson because he got turned out in the mud.

I can't move Kaswyn to another barn right now, because we can't afford it. Well, we could, but then I couldn't afford to show him, so what would be the point of moving him? Also, I don't want to move Kaswyn because then I would not have enough time to ride Albert, and I think he's really helping my riding. Also, he's just a ton of fun to ride. He's a great little guy.

So I just have to suck it up and work with what I have. Sometimes it's really hard though. I know I'm getting really inexpensive board, and I'm lucky to be able to keep my horse at all, but sometimes I wish it didn't have to be so challenging.

Last, but certainly not least, I'm getting this sinking feeling that my trainer might cancel my lessons tonight. She's pushed them back two hours already. I know she's busy, and that coming to my place is a pain.

Two weeks before the show starts. Right now, I don't feel ready at all.


jesterjigger said...

Could you put a sheet on him or a blanket, depending on the weather? Then at least that way he'd be clean. I feel you on the mud, my horse was injured pretty badly in a muddy pasture accident last year. But he would have been miserable being kept inside, it's a real Catch-22. He spent 18 years in the mud every winter just fine. I think the big difference was my barn has sacrifice paddocks that are nothing but mud, whereas before it was just muddy up by the barn, and still grassy out in the pasture, I think it raised our risks significantly.

After the second time of spending an hour grooming before a lesson I started blanketing!

Anonymous said...

The Kasenova babies must all have the pig factor. Pman only gets turned out when it's dry, otherwise he goes for the deepest, muddiest spot and wallows. I feel your pain!

Alice said...


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Katee said...

Oh, I hope she didn't cancel your lesson. It's so nice having a knowledgeable pair of eyes watch you ride and catch those things that are just impossible for you to see.

dressagemom said...

Jester Jigger,

He was wearing a blanket when he rolled. He just rolled so enthusiastically that he got mud up under the blanket.

Miss C,

Yes, our half-brother ponies have so much in common. You sure you don't want to send him out here for dressage training? I'm sure he'd be awesome!


I'll check it out, thenks!


Yes, I really need a lesson before the show. Two, actually if I'm lucky. Even some mirrors would help at this point, but we don't have any.

smellshorsey said...

You bathed the horse and the lesson got canceled. You handled both very gracefully.

How on earth did he get mud up under his blanket? He's got special talents.

I don't know about keeping your horse in when it's muddy -- I guess it depends on their temperament but mine have to go out or they get cranky. It is a balancing act.

We always have that debate before a show -- keep them in so they stay clean, or turn them out so they are manageable. I usually vote for manageable. We put on sleazies, hoods, blankets, everything and hope for the best.

Your arrangement may not be perfect, but affordable counts a lot. Hang in there!

You're even getting me excited about your show. You'll be well prepared. If you don't have a lesson, ride the tests in your head. There is no one out there doing more to prepare than you, so you can relax and enjoy the prospect of getting out there and showing your stuff. Good luck!

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