Thursday, February 05, 2009

Good Albert

I had limited time tonight to ride, and I started with Albert as usual. He is really doing much better with bending to the right and being more straight at the canter on the right lead. It's hard for him to unlock that side, but now he knows what he's supposed to do so when he slips back into the old habit all I have to do is shift my weight to the left, bump him with my right leg, and close my right hand. Then he gives on the right and gets softer.

He's also getting better with the leg yields. He used to get tense and blocked in his neck, but now I'm able to unlock him, make him take the half-halt, and get him to complete the leg yield while working over his back. Kaswyn felt a little lazy, but I was able to work the canter long and low. He seems to do much better doing this right now than if I ask him to collect. I think I'll work the canter this way for a bit and build up him back and rear with big, bounding, low, round canter strides.

These are all good things because I'm pretty sure that I'm going to enter Albert and Kaswyn in the upcoming March USDF/USEF show. That gives me five weeks to get these boys (and myself) into shape. The entries open on February 9th, so I have to make sure of a few things before next week.

1) I have to get my trainer out to teach me some lessons before the show. I'd like to get a lesson every other week until the show. I know she's really busy, so I hope we can work something out with her schedule.

2) I need to find out if my trainer is coming to the show with other students, and if she isn't if I can get her to come out there to coach me. I'm hoping she will bring at least one other horse so we can stable next to each other.

3) I have to get a fire lit under Susan and have her arrange for the use of her friend's trailer. She said she thinks we'd be able to use it, but hasn't called yet. If we can't use this trailer then I need to figure out how I'm going to get those horses to the show. This could be interesting.

I emailed my trainer my plans for the show, and I haven't heard back from her. I suspect that she thinks I'm nuts. The thing is both Albert and Kaswyn are trained. They need fine tuning and increased strength and stamina, but they both know their jobs. But I suspect she thinks that I won't be ready for the show in such a short amount of time. But I will be ready. I'm determined and driven. This will happen.

And hopefully I can get someone to video my rides, so you guys can see how we did. Lets hope that won't be embarrassing. Either way you'll get to see it, in all it's glory!


Katee said...

Good luck! Here's hoping that the horses stay healthy and happy about working and that YOU stay healthy too.

Linda said...

It sounds like you have a good plan and the riding is going well. Good Luck! Hope you get the video.

Anonymous said...

I looked back at your bad clip post. Blair once shaved Llano's face with a 40 with me standing there watching. That was not so easy to fix!

dressagemom said...

C -

Oh my,I'll bet she was plenty mad at herself for doing his face with a 40. And I'm sure it didn't look pretty!

Rising Rainbow said...

Good luck on this! I'm glad I'm not showing in March. Starting in late April is making me nervous enough as it is, but you're right about the fact they know their jobs already. It does make a big difference.

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