Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In some cases, size does matter

An official dressage show arena measures 60 feet by 180 feet (20 meters by 60 meters).

The arena at our barn is 60 feet by 120 feet. Which is 60 feet too short.

Trying to ride a Fourth level test in a 60 x 120 arena is extremely difficult.

Trying not to panic here, since I don't have easy access to a large arena to practice my tests in. I mean, I know I'd be more than welcome to ride in my trainer's arena, but we have a little problem... neither Susan or I has a trailer and my trainer's barn is not close enough to ride the horses to.

Oh well, at least I have the test memorized!

(17 days until the show! Ack!)


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure you'll do fine at the show.

Katee said...

17 days doesn't sound like very many! Good thing both of the horses are working so well.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr