Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wonder Cream

My spider bites were itching intensely and looking very inflamed so I went to my doc to make sure they weren't getting infected. While my doc didn't say if he thought they were spider bites, he said they were certainly insect bites of some kind. He prescribed me a cream to put on the bites twice a day.

I saw a distinguishable improvement after just one night of applying the cream. The itching was greatly reduced as was the redness and swelling. The cream is betamethasone, which is almost identical to the dexamethasone that I gave Kaswyn for his hives (for all you science geeks, the difference being the location of one hydroxyl group). Since I'm using it topically I shouldn't have any side effects, which you can get if you take it orally.

So I'm taking (almost) horse drugs! Well, applying it to my skin anyway. Which reminds me it's time to reapply. The itching is almost, but not completely gone, and I know when I'm ready for my next dose. I have to say this stuff has been wonderful and I'll be sure to use it next time I get nasty bug bites or poison ivy. A must have!

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