Monday, September 08, 2008

Getting antsy

After one week and three calls to my vets office, I still haven't heard what the dentist had to say about Kaswyn's x-rays. I'm more than a little frustrated in their cavalier attitude towards my horse's problem. I can't even get anyone to give me the name of the dentist that they sent the images to. I'm fairly certain that it's still bothering him, since I missed a banamine dose on Saturday and when I got there Sunday afternoon he was just nosing his hay around. I gave him the last dose of banamine that I had on Sunday, and he's getting nothing today. I'm guessing he'll need something tomorrow. I guess it will have to be bute, which is okay for a few days but really worries me to use long term.

I called OSU to speak to their surgeon who handles the dental cases. I'm not sure how much dental she does, so I'll ask her when she calls me back. I want to find out if she would look at the dental images or if she thinks she would need to see Kaswyn. If she needs to see him I'm not going to screw around with this. I'm pissed that my horse is in pain and the only way he can eat comfortably is to be on medications that will ultimately trash his stomach. If I speak with the OSU vet and she will agree to see the images I'm going to ask that my vet send them to her. Or make me a copy on CD and I'll send them down to Columbus.

The good news is that Kaswyn is still working fine for me. Bad news is that I'm a dope and I rubbed all the hair (and a tiny bit of skin) off of his nose from riding in the halter. A halter fuzzy and a little bit of zinc wound cream will fix that, but I should have thought of it before I rubbed a sore in my horse's face. Not very smart, I know. Ugh.


OnTheBit said...

That would drive me crazy as well. I mean if there was an issue about getting the xrays to the dentist or something they could at least call you and tell you there was a problem and give you a better time time about it all. As for the halter rub...the saying "hindsight is 20/20" is around for a reason. As soon as you wrote it I thought duh, but when you said you were doing it before it never even occurred to me that it could happen. Don't beat yourself up too much about it. It is a much better use of your time to beat the vets up for not calling you back :P

Katee said...

You seem to have the toughest time getting people to call you back. I hate it when people don't call me back. Especially vets! I totally agree with you that Kaswyn's situation is not one to be cavalier about--poor guy can't even eat unless he's drugged. I hope you are able to get some information soon.

AnnL said...

Oh, poor Kaswyn! I hope you hear back from someone today. A sore tooth is no fun.


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