Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Waiting by the phone again

Yesterday afternoon I got a call back from the OSU vet. I explained the situation to her, and at one point I said "I hope you don't get offended by this question, but do you have a lot of experience with dental cases? Because my vets haven't seen many dental cases and I really want someone with some experience to look at my horse."

Dr. Dentist was very nice, and said "Oh I'm not offended at all! It's a perfectly reasonable question, and of course you want the best care for your horse!" She went on to tell me that they don't do routine floats but they do surgical dental work. She said that she could look at the images and decide if she needs to see him or not. If he needs to come down there then they will probably want to remove all or part of the tooth. I told her that I wanted to be as conservative and only pull the whole tooth if absolutely necessary. She said that with an older horse they would want to do as little as possible. If they just take out the cracked part of the tooth he'll be able to go home the same day, but if they pull the whole tooth he'll need to stay overnight. That will make me feel better to have him under observation at a hospital after a tooth extraction rather than have the tooth pulled in his stall and then hope he didn't have excessive bleeding or other complications.

Then I called my vet to have them email the images to Dr. Dentist. The office gal said that they don't email them because the images come out fuzzy. What? Seriously? It's DIGITAL. How could they come out fuzzy? She said they could send a CD. So that would mean a few more days for it to get shipped down there. I told her that Dr. Dentist wanted them emailed so Office Gal said "Oh, okay, well we can do both, I guess. But it won't be today. We'll try and get this done for you tomorrow." Yes, please do.

So now I'm sitting here, hoping that they emailed the images to Dr. Dentist. I'm wondering if I should call and see if they got it done or not. Still no phone call from the dentist that they have supposedly already sent the images to, which makes me wonder if they got sent or received.

I hope Dr. Dentist calls soon. If I have to take Kaswyn down to OSU and possibly spend the night I'll need to start making some phone calls. And take a day or two off of work. My boss will love that.

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