Friday, February 22, 2008

Pooping horses everywhere

I took this lovely picture last night at the barn.

He had those large hives all over both sides of his neck, but none on his body. As is usual with his hive outbreaks he didn't seem uncomfortable so I decided to hop on him bareback and do a little walking and trotting. When I was grooming him a mare across the aisle started kicking at her belly and rolling. Susan told me that she'd been in a mild colic all night and was still uncomfortable that afternoon. She needed to run out of the barn for 15 minutes and had asked me to keep an eye on her and call her if the mare started acting like she was going to colic. So of course, right on cue, the mare started acting painful as soon as Susan left.

I called Susan and she asked me to put the mare and her buddy in the arena, since that seemed to make her more relaxed. When I went to get her out of her stall she had just made a big nasty smelling pile of manure, which I thought was probably a good thing. I kept an eye on her while I cleaned Kaswyn's stall, and she seemed fine just ahning out quietly with her neighbor. Then I heard that characteristic whump of a horse lying down and I went into the arena to get her moving. She did not want to walk and was kicking and trying to lie down. After five minutes she pooped again, and it was very light and dry. I don't know much about colicing horses, but I do know that horse poop should not be dry. I checked her gums, which were nice and pink, and her refill was good, so I wasn't worried about a torsion but was thinking maybe impaction or gas colic.

The mares owner arrived and took over walking duty. Kaswyn had been throwing a little hissy fit in his stall, as if to say "Hey! You got me ready to be ridden! Let's go lady, you gotta ride me now!" so I grabbed him and jumped on for 10 minutes. As I was putting him away the vet was taking care of the mare, who will probably be just fine.

I just had to put Kaswyn's blankets back on and then I had to run out of there. I was standing behind him so I could hook his leg straps. His blanket has a tail flap that covers the top of his tail, and that is probably the reason why I didn't see his tail lift up. He pooped on me. Right on the arm.

Oh well. I needed to wash that coat anyway.


MistressBioNerd said...

Dude! I made the mistake of reading this while I was eating!

dressagemom said...

Sorry! Didn't mean to make you gag. The title should have given it away a little bit though.

On The Bit said...

ewwwww!!!!! The odds of someone like you, a very accomplished horse person, show that sh*t really does just happen sometimes. I hope the mare turns out to be okay. One poop during a long colic might mean stuff that was already passed the point of trouble, but two is a lot.

Wiola said...

Tee hee :):)

P.S. I am trying your method to lenghten my legs and I am pleased to report it is working! This will sound a bit crazy but I developed your imagery and added my partner sitting in front of me on Hamlet's neck and pushing my knees down with his feet :-0 This also keeps me seating really upright as I don't want to headbutt Ricky!
Next practise tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

When Errika coliced, the vet who came out, said that anytime you see a horse exhibiting colic-like symptoms, the vet needs to be called out asap. It's just not worth the risk to wait it out or assume they will recover from a mild colic without intervention.

I'm glad that she is going to be ok though and the vet did come out :).

The first time the vet came out for Errika, he said she had a "mild" colic. But it was a very good thing he came when he did. We thought she was going to be fine, but it didn't happen that way. It's just so easy for it to go left or right, beings as horses are very sensitive animals in that respect.

dressagemom said...


I'm glad the trick helped. I have lots of little things that are similar that I think about while riding. I think having good body awareness makes it easier to overcome positioning issues.


I'm hoping NOT to become an expert on colic, since I'm currently well versed in mystery forelimb lameness. Thus, I will always call the vet for colic instead of trying to muddle through on my own!

20 meter circle of life said...

I guess that just proves that poop really does roll down hill. I have never been pooped on, but Abu does like to give a big fart any time you are grooming the rear end.
Glad to hear all is ok with colic, thats so scary

Rising Rainbow said...

Poop is a good thing but in the right place. lol Timing is everything, isn't it. lol

Anonymous said...

i have a horse going through the same thing... we think he may have eaten something he was allergic to... his hives are bigger than the size of a normal hand...the owner had us walking him and now hes fine... eating, pooping (not on us... thank god), trying to escape...hope your horse does as well

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