Friday, February 22, 2008

Buzz about the hives

As you can see, Kaswyn's hives are not better today. In fact, they were worse on his neck and had spread to his whole body. A call to the vet, two packets of dexamethasone, and a good roll in the arena later and I think my horse will be feeling better soon. Susan is going to check on him later tonight just to be sure, but Dr. B thinks that his hives should be gone tomorrow. He also thinks that missing one allergy shot probably didn't make any difference in his hives so I can stop feeling guilty about that.

On a happy note, the mare is finally feeling better. I hope she stays that way.


Kim Ayars said...

Hee hee! Are you at the point now where you feel, "If it isn't one thing, it's another?" Anyway, hope he feels better soon! Hives can be such a pain. I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing with us!

dressagemom said...

I do kind of fel that way, but I'll take the hives any day over him being not quite right movement wise. At least I know I can do something about the hives and make them better!

Rising Rainbow said...

Glad to hear you can quit worrying about missing the allergy shot. It's bad enough to have something be wrong with your horse without feeling like you caused it.

Also glad to hear the mare is better. Colic is so scary.

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear the mare is feeling better =).

Poor boy, I hope the hives go away soon.

Katie said...

ow those are some big hives! I hope they go away soon! A roll in the arena always lifts a horses spirit :)

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