Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hope is the thing with feathers

The patient I talked about here and here is coming in tomorrow for another embryo transfer. This will be her seventh time. She'll be having a frozen embryo transfer, which means that she'll be getting embryos that were frozen during her fresh cycle.

Here is how it works. On fresh cycles the patient gets their ovaries stimulated with drugs so that they produce more than one egg. Then they have an egg retrieval where we aspirate the eggs out of the ovaries, then fertilize them. Three days later they come in and have these fresh embryos transferred to their uterus. Any other embryos that are good quality but aren't getting transferred will get frozen. If the fresh transfer is not successful then the patient has a frozen transfer where we thaw the frozen embryos. The frozen transfer is easier because we don't have to stimulate the ovaries with drugs, we just need to prepare the uterus for the embryos.

Yesterday I thawed her embryos. No pressure there. Thankfully every one that I thawed survived. I called her today to set up her embryo transfer tomorrow. I told her I wouldn't be there (cause I'm working this weekend and have the day off) and she said she was really bummed. She also told me that she was going to the restaurant that I had recommended (it's where Craig and I had our first date) as a good luck dinner.

Now, I really wanted to come in just to do her transfer, but my boss thought it would be ridiculous for me to do that, and told me not to come in. I think she thinks that it's some kind of egotistical move on my part, as if I'm saying that nobody else is capable of doing the procedure. But it's nothing like that. I just want to be here for her.

I think I'm going to come in anyway just to see her. Even if I can't do the transfer at least I'll be able to give my support and personally wish her good luck. And find out how their dinner went.

I'll report back in two weeks with her pregnancy results. Send good vibes her way. This time it just has to work.

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Rising Rainbow said...

OH man, I hope that this works. I know what a struggle this can be.

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